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Advancing Therapies To Improve Quality of Life

We’re Dedicated to Driving Healthcare Forward

Established in the Great Lakes State, Revival Research Institute Michigan provides integrated solutions and scientific research capabilities with a patient-centric approach. Everything we do, from our technical, therapeutic, and functional expertise is underpinned by patient-first culture. With our history of integrating state-of-the-art innovative techniques in clinical trials, Revival is recognized as an emerging leader in the field of clinical & scientific research. We understand the complexity of the industry and intend to pursue each opportunity with care and compassion.

Revival Research brings together advancements in medicine, and scientific expertise to help the healthcare and research community make better decisions and ultimately improve patient outcomes. As an outpatient clinical research institute in Arizona, Michigan, and Texas, we’re dedicated to providing quality data to sponsors and care to patients. With the help of sponsors and volunteers, we’re reshaping the next generation of therapies, one patient at a time. Utilizing real-world knowledge and insights, we deliver research and operational excellence with compassion.

Integrating Solutions for Efficient Clinical Research Trials

Revival Research Institute is a leading multi-disciplinary, outpatient research organization dedicated to increasing patient recruitment and retention. In the process of perfecting and streamlining our processes by using technologies and software to improve our performance, we aim to reduce risks and errors in the scientific data and execute efficient trials for our sponsors.

Owing to our unique approach of catering to the needs of every clinical trial, we offer complete compliance to all research protocols, timely submission of all regulatory documents, and an established channel of communication about patient safety and scientific data integrity. Our methods revolve around optimizing and accelerating the delivery of therapies, therefore, creating success for you and the patients we serve. Our processes are reliable and predictable to meet the needs and critical milestones of the clinical studies faster than the industry average. Leveraging real-world insights and scientific expertise, we explore beyond diseases to deliver patient-centered care techniques that can be implemented at scale.

Our Priorities & Values

Patient First

Every one of us at Revival is committed to making a difference in patients’ lives. In simple words, we take our work seriously & with empathy, with the ultimate goal of developing therapies that will benefit patients’ lives.


We aim for excellence and quality in everything we do, from data entry to patient recruitment, without losing sight of the big picture. We strive towards life-changing treatments, the best patient care, & quality study trials.


In Michigan, the Revival Research Institute was established to offer locals access to research trials. We intend to make innovative medicines and health care available to anyone and everyone who needs it.


We recognize and hold the importance of everyone linked to research in any capacity. Respecting one another’s opinions, the process, a quest for innovation, and most importantly, the patients is what makes us different.

Our Sponsors

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