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Making the World A Healthier Place, Together.

One Volunteer At A Time.

At the core of every medicine are the hundreds of volunteers who’ve participated in clinical research studies to impact the lives of millions around the world. We offer clinical researches that look for the best ways to treat and prevent diseases and improve & make evidence-based care accessible. As a volunteer in research studies, you contribute to finding better ways to improve medicine for patients, while benefiting from novel medication that currently may not be available.

Our team of scientific leadership is composed of tenured MDs including Principal Investigators and Sub Investigators who oversee all clinical trials operations, patient care, and scientific affairs. Our internal team is made up of experts in their own fields, with extensive clinical testing experience, involved in patient care through clinical activities. Your care is in safe hands. Through the collaboration of scientific minds & expertise, we intend to provide participants with access to focused, cutting-edge therapies.

Volunteer for Clinical Research Studies & Impact Lives

Volunteering for clinical trials is a personal decision for both you & your loved ones. Your reasons for participating may be to find relief from your current condition or to advance medicine for others in the future. Whatever your reasons may be, you are our top priority.

Get Screened

Joining a study starts with a quick phone call & answering a few questions to see if you qualify.

Informed Consent Process

After screening, you’re briefed about everything included in the research study along with the risks and benefits of your participation.

Take Health Assessment

Immediately after the informed consent process, you’ll be called to our facility for health assessments. It’s safe!


Once you check all the boxes & are satisfied with the study conditions, your participation in the research begins!

Help Advance Medicine

Your participation can impact the future for countless others & change the trajectory of healthcare. You make the difference.

Explore Our Centers of Therapeutic Excellence

Therapeutic excellence is vital to our mission. To deliver the right solutions to our patients, we need to ask the right questions. Explore Revival’s domain expertise in the specialty & therapeutic areas you may be interested in.

Cardiology study


Our professional staff of medical leadership, project management & clinical trial operations can shorten schedules and deliver high-quality results in cardiology clinical researches. We work on a variety of cardiovascular medication indications, including angina, heart failure, hypertension, and acute coronary syndrome.

Covid 19 study


COVID-19 research and vaccine development is unique in its ability to improve public health. We are committed to expediting development in COVID-19 clinical research trials. We work on both preventive therapies and therapeutic COVID-19 vaccines using our therapeutic knowledge and industry-leading experience.

Dermatology study


We conduct quality dermatology clinical research studies that can impact lives. Our professionals have therapeutic & operational knowledge in a wide range of dermatological disorders, as well as a thorough awareness of the required care. We conduct research studies on eczema, psoriasis & vitiligo.

Internal Medicine Study

Internal Medicine

We bring diverse knowledge & extensive experience in Internal Medicine, focusing on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of adult diseases. Our internal medicine professionals develop strategic plans that help you meet deadlines and deliver high-quality data while maintaining patient care.

Pain Management Study

Pain Management

We’re dedicated to helping people suffering from chronic pain, with indications such as diabetic nerve pain & postherpetic neuralgia. With scientific expertise & experience, we aim to provide patients suffering from chronic pain with potentially transformative medicines and accurate scientific data for sponsors.

Allergy Medicine Study

Allergy Medicine

With an increase in allergy and immunologic indications, there is a need for targeted therapies and innovative medicine. With a strong clinical research team, our experienced allergists & immunologists aim to deliver research studies that improve lives and timely delivery of high-quality data to sponsors.

gastroenterology study


Our Gastroenterology team has therapeutic experience & expertise across a broad spectrum of Digestive Disorders. Our clinical trial experience includes colorectal disorders, constipation, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), Crohn’s disease, Ulcerative Colitis, and NASH.

oncology study


Bringing precision medicine and targeted therapies to Oncology Care, we have diverse experience across a wide range of cancer research and therapies. Our dedicated team includes oncologists and nurses dedicated to conducting clinical research studies in breast cancer, prostate cancers, brain tumors & more.

womens health study

Women’s Health

Dedicated to improving women’s health, Revive Research actively supports pharmaceuticals developing innovative solutions in women’s health. There’s never a one-size-fits-all approach in the women’s health space which is why we aim to deliver flexible clinical research studies with maximum efficiency & quality data.

psychiatry study


Conducting research studies in psychiatric conditions like ADHD, OCD and, Major Depressive Disorder, our research staff is dedicated to your state of mind and mental health. With a unique blend of scientific depth and elegant problem-solving, our research team provides patients with solutions & sponsors with data integrity.

pulmonology study


The Revive Research staff have clinical operations and regulatory experience for a variety of Pulmonology indications including Asthma, COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), Cystic Fibrosis, and Upper and Lower Respiratory Tract Infections. We have a patient-centric approach to all our clinical trials.

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