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Worried about your Heart & Kidney Function?

Explore Possible Treatment Options for Heart Failure with Kidney Failure in Michigan!

The heart and kidneys are the two most important organs of the body. They work together to keep you healthy. If one stops working as it should, it can cause problems for the other. When you have Heart Failure (HF) your kidneys can become damaged because the heart cannot pump enough blood and oxygen to them. Similarly, if the kidneys are not working as they should the heart needs to work even harder to get more blood and oxygen to them. This can make HF worse.

Revival Research Institute is conducting Heart Failure with Kidney Failure Clinical Trials in Dearborn Heights, Michigan investigating possible treatments for heart failure and kidney failure.

You may qualify for the Paid Heart Failure with Kidney Failure Clinical Trial near you if you are:

  • ≥ 18 years of age
  • Diagnosed with symptomatic heart failure
  • Have a decline in kidney function

*Additional criteria may apply
*Take part in paid Heart Failure with Kidney Failure Clinical Trials at no cost to you or your medical insurance. You will be reimbursed financially for your time and travel. In addition, all participants receive study-related care from an experienced research team.
*If you are interested in participating in the Heart Failure with Kidney Failure Clinical Trials in Dearborn, Michigan or would like more information, please fill out the form so we can determine if you qualify for the study and contact you. Note that this is an entirely voluntary decision.

Please provide YOUR contact information only.

About Heart Failure with Kidney Failure Clinical Trials in Michigan

Living with chronic heart failure and reduced kidney function can be incredibly tough. It is estimated that in the US people with Stage 4 and 5 chronic kidney disease are at increased risk of heart failure. We are conducting clinical trials for balanceD-HF to assess the safety and efficacy of the two-study drug in combination in males and females (≥18 years of age) with chronic heart failure and reduced kidney function. Participants in this paid heart failure study may be given combinations of drug, randomly.

Heart Failure with Kidney Failure Clinical Trials will be conducted in several locations across the United States, including Michigan. To ensure study eligibility, all participants must comply with all study procedures. Participants who meet the eligibility criteria after undergoing the screening phase and are chosen to participate will be given the placebo or study treatment. We’re looking into the safety and efficacy of an oral investigational drug used to treat both conditions together.

*There is no cost to you, your private medical insurance, or the public health insurance plan for study procedures. The study-related procedures, and visits will be provided at no charge throughout the duration of the study.

Get Started: What to Expect?

If you are suffering from chronic heart failure and reduced kidney function and would like to participate in a paid heart failure with kidney failure Clinical Trial, please reach out to us by filling in the form above. One of our study team representatives will contact you to see if you are eligible for this study (pre-screening).

Someone from the research team will ask you to sign an Informed Consent Form (ICF) if you meet the study criteria during the pre-screening process. Once you sign up for the ICF, we will invite you for a screening visit to our clinical site; this will be an initial visit. After that, you will undergo a series of health-related questions and tests to confirm your eligibility as a participant.

Once you receive confirmation of eligibility, you will formally be a part of the Heart Failure with Kidney Failure Clinical Trial. You will receive all the information about the research study you might enroll in during the ICF process. We encourage you to ask as many questions as you would like before deciding to participate.

*All study-related care is provided free of cost. Complete physical examination and other study-related assessments will be done by expert physicians and health care experts.

Length of Study

Approx. 22 months

No. of Study Visits

Approx. 15 visits



About Heart Failure & Impaired Kidney Function

Heart Failure

Heart Failure happens when the heart muscle becomes weak or stiff, making it difficult for the heart to pump blood around the body as well as it should.

Blood carries oxygen to your muscles and organs. When they can’t get the oxygen, they need to work properly, some of the main symptoms of HF appear.

These include:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Swelling
  • Feeling very tired or weak
  • Feeling lightheaded or fainting

Impaired Kidney Function

Some medical conditions (like high blood pressure) and medications can put a strain on the kidneys making them work harder than normal.

If the kidneys have been under strain or working too hard for too long, they can become damaged.

As the kidneys become damaged, they are less able to function properly and do their many important jobs like:

  • Removing waste and toxins from blood
  • Stopping fluid building up in the body
  • Helping to control blood pressure
  • Helping to keep the bones healthy

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the early warning signs of reduced kidney function in someone with CHF?

  • Increased fatigue and weakness
  • Alterations in urination patterns (increased frequency, urgency, presence of blood in urine)
  • Loss of appetite or nausea
  • Difficulty concentrating or confusion

What causes chronic heart failure and reduced kidney function?

Causes include conditions like coronary artery disease, hypertension, diabetes, and certain genetic factors. Lifestyle factors such as smoking and obesity can also increase the risk.

Can chronic heart failure and reduced kidney function improve with treatment?

Yes, with proper management, symptoms can often be reduced, and disease progression may be slowed. However, the extent of improvement depends on various factors, including the underlying cause, overall health, and adherence to treatment.

Are there any dietary changes I can make to manage both conditions?

Yes, a heart-healthy diet is crucial. This generally involves:

  • Limiting salt intake to reduce fluid buildup (common in CHF) and workload on the kidneys.
  • Choosing lean protein sources and limiting saturated fat to manage cholesterol and heart health.
  • Focusing on fruits, vegetables, and whole grains for essential nutrients and fiber.

Do I have to pay to be a part of the Heart Failure with Kidney Failure Clinical Trial near me?

Participation in the Heart Failure with Kidney Failure Clinical Trial in Michigan is free for you and your health insurance. If you qualify and decide to participate, you will be compensated financially for your time and travel. You will receive information about the stipend after you finish the screening process and proceed to the informed consent stage..

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