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Clinical Research in Michigan, Illinois & Texas

Revival Research Institute

Clinical Research Organization Dedicated to Redefining Clinical Trials & Patient Care

As a leading clinical research organization in Michigan, we fuse heart, ingenuity, and science, to conduct quality clinical trials with the goal of increasing patient recruitment and retention and enhancing patient-centricity.

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Participating in a clinical research study is a personal decision. Learn about how you could impact lives for the better.

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Gain exposure to hundreds of pharmaceutical organizations, as well as access to a variety of research projects.

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We have conducted over 500 phase I-IV clinical research studies in multiple therapeutic areas. Partner with us.

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Want to participate in clinical research? We are currently enrolling for multiple studies across Michigan, & Texas.

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Offer Patient Centric Clinical Trails Operational Excellence In Clinical Research Organization

Accelerating Clinical Research in Michigan, for a Healthier Future

We offer Patient-Centric Clinical Trials for Operational Excellence

We strive to provide the best possible therapeutic options to participants by focusing on clinical research excellence. Our seasoned physicians and experienced professionals are dedicated to providing the most comprehensive patient care while maintaining the integrity of each study protocol. Revival Research Institute engages with brilliant minds from a diverse range of therapeutic areas to provide innovative and life-changing solutions from labs to patients.

We specialize in conducting Phase I-IV clinical trials in Michigan, Arizona, Illinois, and Texas. With our skill and understanding of clinical trial intricacies, we offer a unique combination of a dexterous workforce and the flexibility, responsiveness, and customer-centric focus of a highly detail-oriented clinical research organization.

80+ Active Studies

Our Goals & Commitments

Revival Research Institute’s goal is to partner with multiple national and global pharmaceuticals to develop novel treatments and prevention methods for a variety of ailments. With our strategic site locations across Michigan, Texas, Illinois and Arizona, we are devoted to improving all lives impacted by research. We utilize real-world knowledge and insights to deliver clinical research capabilities, with compassion.

Building An Impact

A research study (or clinical trial) is a type of medical research in which people volunteer to take part. All medicines and therapies that become available today for use in people are first tested in studies involving hundreds to thousands of volunteers. Our professional & friendly research team ensures that all volunteers understand their rights & feel comfortable participating in a clinical research study. Our ultimate goal is to speed the delivery of treatments through impactful clinical trials.

Research capabilities with a patient-centric approach

Our Services

As a leading Clinical Research Institute in Michigan, we don’t just provide clinical trial services, we deliver comprehensive & integrated solutions, with heart. We enhance the research process by utilizing tried-and-true strategies and customized delivery approaches.

For Patients

We strive to provide each of our volunteers with the best care. Your health and safety is important to us.

For Physicians

Developing seamless collaboration with experts in different therapeutic areas, with the goal of advancing medicine.

For Sponsors & CROs

We deliver total compliance of all study protocols, timely submission of all documents & patient safety.

Accelerating Delivery of Therapies through Clinical Research in Michigan

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As a growing clinical research organization in Michigan, Revival Research has extensive experience across phases I-IV clinical research in these major therapeutic areas including drug, biologic, generic, and medical devices.

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Volunteering in clinical research trials helps make tomorrow’s breakthroughs in medicine a reality. Modern medicine would not exist today without research and the volunteers who participate in these trials. Research studies gather knowledge about medical conditions and the investigational medicine that is being researched.

Participation in any research study not only helps advance potential treatment options but it also supports investigational drug development for other conditions or diseases. When you participate in a study, you’re helping to represent both your community and all people who are affected by the condition. Your participation could make a difference.

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Become a Volunteer & Help our Clinical Research Institute Advance Medicine!

Revival Research Institute is always enrolling volunteers for different studies including future studies! Be the first to learn about clinical research studies in your area.

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Clinical Research Operations in the most accessible areas across Michigan & Texas

To expand and offer clinical research as a care option for patients, we develop strategic partnerships with physicians, clinics, and other clinical research institutes.

Answering all your frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a look at some of our most frequently asked questions regarding clinical trials and what they’re all about. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for, call us at: +1 248-721-9539

What is a clinical research trial?

Clinical research trials are a type of research that tests out new treatments, be it drugs, medical devices, or vaccines. People including children and adults may participate in clinical trials so that they and future patients could benefit from it. Clinical trials gather important information about medical conditions and the investigational product being researched, including its safety and efficacy. Clinical research trials are strictly regulated by local, regional and global guidelines.

How do I participate in clinical research?

If you’ve come this far and are interested in participating in research studies conducted in clinical research institutes in Michigan, Illinois, or Texas, contact us or call us at: +1 248-721-9539

However, it is important you talk to your primary care physician before participating in any clinical trial. Feel free to ask as many questions as you want about what participating in a research study entails before volunteering.

Why is clinical research important?

Clinical trials help us progress against diseases by testing the safety and efficacy of new medicines and therapies. All medicines and vaccines that become available today for use in people are first tested in studies involving hundreds to thousands of volunteers. Volunteering to take part in clinical drug research is one of the most effective ways YOU could contribute to the understanding of diseases that afflict people and the development of new drugs.

What does a clinical research coordinator do?

Clinical research coordinators (CRC) are responsible for supervising all aspects of the clinical trials in a clinical research center. They are responsible for recruiting and screening patients for clinical trials. Coordinators are also responsible for the safety of all the materials that may be used during the trial and they must ensure that all documents remain up to date with patient and research information.

As a participant in a clinical trial, your information, test results, and screening will all be handled by a CRC. They will guide you through the informed consent process and will help you through questions or issues you may have with your treatment.

What are the phases of a clinical trial?

To test the safety and efficacy of a treatment, the series of clinical trials unfold in 4 phases.

As a volunteer in a Phase I clinical trial, you will assist researchers in learning about the safety of a study drug. You may be subjected to periodic clinical checkups and lab work, and you will be required to report any problems or adverse effects.

In Phase II clinical trial, you will be assisting researchers in gaining a better understanding of how effectively the study drug may perform for the disease being investigated, as well as the potential adverse effects.

In Phase III clinical study, you will be a member of a bigger group of people (approx. several hundred to several thousand participants) with the same medical condition being examined. Your involvement assists us in determining if the study medication is safe and effective for persons suffering from that disease.

In Phase IV, the drug is usually approved by FDA, however, you can continue to take part in long-term clinical trials to better understand the effects of the approved treatment over time. This may take a year or more after the drug has been approved.

Where can I find paid clinical trials near me?

We may be able to provide you with paid clinical trials near you. If you live in Michigan, or Texas, one of our clinical research center may be near you. Feel free to contact us by dropping us a message or call us at: + 1 248-721-9539. 

Are clinical trials safe?

Every clinical trial has a possible risk. Before you participate in the clinical trial, the risks and possible benefits of your participation and taking the study drug will be explained to you in detail during the Informed Consent process.

As per the requirement of every clinical research organization, we must follow guidelines and regulatory requirements to help protect the rights, safety, and well-being of all participants. These include Good Clinical Practice (GCP). GCP is an international ethical and scientific quality standard for clinical trial design and execution.

Many entities are involved in your and other volunteers’ participation. This includes the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA), institutional review boards (IRB), and data safety and monitoring boards.

Can I leave the clinical trial after it has begun?

Yes, volunteers are free to stop being in a research study at any time and for any reason. Participation in a clinical trial is completely voluntary.

What is an Investigational Drug or Investigational Product?

An Investigational Drug or an Investigational Product is also known as an experimental drug. It is studied in a research trial to see if your medical condition or disease improves. Throughout the clinical research study, researchers may be able to evaluate if the investigational drug is safe or effective, how it might be used to combat the disease and, the potential risks and benefits of taking the drug. An investigational drug may be approved by the FDA for use in one disease or condition but still be considered investigational in other diseases or conditions.

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