Alia Hanif Khan

Alia Hanif Khan


Healthcare Marketing, Content Writing


MSc. in Physiology, University of Karachi


  • Contributed to the establishment of the Recruitment department at Revival, specializing in marketing strategies for clinical trial participant recruitment; with the goal of randomizing and screening potential participants into clinical trials.
  • Demonstrated in-depth understanding of marketing guidelines and Good Clinical Practice (GCP) standards for successful execution of marketing campaigns, ensuring we attract the right target population and remain in compliance with regulatory standards.
  • Contributed to Revival's Community Health Screening initiatives, emphasizing patient-centricity and inclusivity in research.
  • Served as a content and marketing concept strategist for Revival Research Institute, developing innovative strategies to promote research initiatives effectively, raise awareness and attract collaborators and sponsors.


Leveraging an academic foundation in Physiology from the University of Karachi and a Master's degree in the same field, Alia brings to the table a unique blend of healthcare knowledge and marketing acumen. Commencing her professional journey at Creative Tugs, a software house, she honed skills in content writing, later rising to the role of Project Manager. This experience was crucial in shaping her proficiency in SEO writing and ROI-focused marketing strategies.

In a progressive career move, Alia joined the Revival Research Institute over two years ago. Here, her dual expertise in healthcare and marketing was instrumental in the establishment of a patient recruitment department dedicated to executing effective marketing strategies for clinical trial participant recruitment. She faced the unique challenges of navigating the complex regulatory landscape of clinical trials, including GCP, FDA, and other stringent guidelines, head-on. Currently, as a Content and Marketing Concept Strategist for the institute, Alia focuses on the development of innovative strategies to amplify research initiatives. She excels in crafting targeted campaigns to raise awareness, attract collaborators, and secure sponsors. Drawing from past experiences and educational insights, she continues to further refine marketing strategies within the nuanced field of clinical trials, demonstrating both agility and a commitment to continuous professional growth.


“I am driven by a commitment to empower people with relevant information about clinical trials, ensuring their clinical care aligns with their unique needs and values. Joining Revival Research Institute, my goal is to contribute to the accessibility of novel treatment options through clinical trials, promote patient-centricity & improve healthcare outcomes for diverse populations.”

-- Alia Hanif Khan , MSc. in Physiology, University of Karachi

Eductational Background

Alia Hanif, honed her expertise at the University of Karachi. She successfully attained her Bachelor's in Physiology, further culminating in a Master's degree in the same discipline, notably graduating cum laude, a testament to her academic excellence.