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Downtown Ann Arbor, MI | 18 - 20 July 2024

The Fusion of Health & Art at the Ann Arbor Art Fair 2024!

Ann Arbor Art Fair, 2024 

Event Ended

Ann Arbor Art Fair

Get ready for an unforgettable event this year! We're proud sponsors, blending art with health & wellness. Enjoy creativity and FREE Health Screenings at our booth. Join us for something extraordinary!

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Our Goal

Why is Revival going to the Ann Arbor Art Fair 2024?

Revival Research Institute is proud to join the Ann Arbor Art Fair 2024, engaging the community, showcasing innovative healthcare solutions, and highlighting the essential contributions of clinical research to enhancing human well-being. We’re thrilled to be a part of this vibrant community, educating individuals about their health and clinical trials, while immersing ourselves in the creativity and art that surrounds us. It’s an honor to be a part of one of the largest and most renowned Art Fairs in the United States, which attracts thousands of visitors annually. We look forward to connecting with you and celebrating the fusion of art, health, and innovation!

Revival invites you to Ann Arbor Art Fair 2024!

Mark Your Calendar: Revival invites you to Ann Arbor Art Fair 2024. Visit
our Booth for a glimpse into the future of healthcare solutions. Stay tuned for exciting updates from Ann Arbor 2024.

Revival is enhancing community spirit and celebrating diversity with free screenings at the Ann Arbor Art Fair 2024, making quality healthcare accessible for all.

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Ann Arbor Art Fair Previous Highlights

Premier Sponsors of Ann Arbor Art Fair 2024

Revival Research Institute is premier sponsor of Ann Arbor Art Fair for the third consecutive year. This ongoing sponsorship represents our profound commitment to the community, demonstrating our dedication to the intersection of art, science, and human flourishing.

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    721 E Huron St STE 200

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    Ann Arbor, Michigan - USA

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Revival Research Institute's goal in attending the Ann Arbor Art Fair?

Our goal is to engage with the community, raise awareness about clinical research, and share how our work can lead to medical advancements that benefit everyone.

How does Revival Research Institute's presence at the art fair impact the community?

By participating in the art fair, we provide valuable information about clinical trials, encouraging community involvement and enhancing public understanding of medical research.

Why did Revival Research Institute choose the Ann Arbor Art Fair for community outreach?

The Ann Arbor Art Fair attracts a diverse and engaged crowd, making it an ideal venue for us to educate people about the significance of clinical trials and research participation.

In what ways does the art fair benefit Revival Research Institute and its goals?

The art fair allows us to reach a diverse audience, increase awareness of clinical research, and encourage community participation, ultimately supporting our goal of advancing medical knowledge.

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