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Partnerships to Support Clinical Research Physicians & Sites

Our Growing Principal Investigator Network

Revival Research Institute, LLC partners with primary and specialty Clinical Research Physician and medical practitioners all around Michigan, and Texas. The goal is to improve the solutions we provide to our sponsors and contribute to increased accessibility of novel therapies and advanced care for your patients. Our experienced research operations staff brings you an array of clinical trial possibilities that might be a good fit for your practice. Our network of sites, which includes a wide range of medical specialties, is expanding to meet the demands of the healthcare industry.

At the heart of our patient-centered clinical trials working towards a common goal is our team of experienced Clinical Research Physician (principal investigator & sub-investigator) and senior medical experts. We are dedicated to improving health outcomes through clinical trials and providing research as an option for added care to patients.

Contribute to Advancement in Medicine

Reap the Benefits

Your work as a Principal Investigator will be crucial in the development of novel pharmaceuticals and in making research a viable care option for your patients. Revival Research Institute will streamline all your clinical trial processes and mitigate the site administrative burden, allowing you to focus on patient care and trial execution.

As a Clinical Research Physician, contribute to healthcare research and access the latest developments in medicine by collaborating with Revival Research. We offer our Clinical Research Physician opportunities to participate in research that may help patients gain access to cutting-edge and life-changing therapies.
Our coordinators will work with clinical research associates and will directly communicate with the Sponsors, making things easier for you.

Endless Possibilities

Why Work With Us?

Working with Revival

Collaboration for Flexible Solutions

Our Principal Investigator network and research staff have experience and industry knowledge in patient care, efficient study start-ups, trial accesses, and research operations. Revival’s flexible and cutting-edge solutions will boost the efficiency of your research program while maintaining compliance and quality of patient data. By outsourcing essential research functions, including quality assurance and recruitment, you can save costs and shorten deadlines while increasing financial returns.

Clinical trials are an essential component of all novel therapeutic development. The primary benefit of a successful partnership with industry partners is access to resources and expertise that might help cultivate potential therapies to treat life-altering disease states.

Contributing to the Changing Clinical Research Landscape

Sponsors We Work With

Revival Research Institute’s success and innovative approach have made it possible for us to keep on working with Sponsors to make novel therapies accessible through clinical trials.

Reducing Risks & Executing Efficient Clinical Trials

Our Track Record

Striving towards the goal of operational excellence, we’ve streamlined our processes and executed stringent timelines to ensure the quality of your clinical trials and the efficiency of the trial lifecycle, from start to finish. Here are our metrics.


Patients Enrolled Successfully


Active Studies


Research Sites

3 Days

Feasibility Turnaround Time


Therapeutic Areas


Clinical Research Physician

What Our Clients Say


“It was a wonderful experience working with the Revival Research team. They were one of the highest enrollees across our two studies. What was remarkable about working with Revival Research was their rapid adoption of the COVID-19 safety protocol.

Overall, I found the Revival Research team to be a very cohesive working family with the highest quality standards in place for the safety and well-being of their patients.”

Zahid RiazSite Manager, X-Biotech

“Everyone was very nice. They were very professional while also being very personable and attentive. They seemed to genuinely care about my health and well-being. Everyone from the driver who made the car rides seem quick with conversation, to the nurses, was the best I could’ve hoped for. They did a great job!”

COVID-19 Study Volunteer

“Thank You!! I wanted to send a message to let you know what a great research team you have. I have only been covering Michigan for about 3 years. Your team is easy to work with, quick to respond to emails and phone calls, and above everything, you are a really dedicated and cohesive team. Your team communicates well with each other and without your dedicated staff and support, we would not have been able to complete the study today. I am truly grateful to all of you! Thanks again for all you do every day to support research and advance COVID-19 therapies.”

Amy JenkinsMSN, NP, Clinical Development Consultant, Eli Lilly and Company

Successful Outcomes

Case Studies



With tough study enrollment criteria, we were able to exceed enrollment goals by up to 85% for this particular study. Our Dermatology site in Troy, Michigan was recognized as one of the highest recruiting for PN Clinical Trials throughout the world, by the Sponsor.

Internal Medicine


In 2022, we were tasked with recruiting a set number of participants within a 6 months time frame. We were able to exceed enrollment goals by up to 92%. The targeted population involved 2 age groups, younger & older to test the efficacy of the vaccine in both age groups.

Internal Medicine


Our Preventive Alzheimer’s study was a one of its kind preventive study in which we recruited participants between the age group of 65-80 years and having a risk of Alzheimer’s disease but not the disease itself. We successfully exceeded our enrollment goals by more than 220%.

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