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About Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are medical research studies that people like you could volunteer to take part in. Research studies can help progress against diseases and conditions by testing the safety and efficacy of new potential treatments or medications at different clinical trial phases. The medicine you find in your medicine cabinet today is because of researchers testing them out in clinical research trials with the help of hundreds and thousands of people who volunteered. Your participation could help researchers and doctors advance medicine for countless people all over the world.

Participate in a Clinical Trial

Your participation can make breakthroughs possible and can impact you as well as many others affected by the similar medical condition. If you are interested in participating in research studies and want to see if you are eligible, the first step would be to go through the initial screening process. You will have to answer some questions about your health and medical history, either online or over the phone with one of our research staff. If you seem fit to join the research study, the study team will contact you and they may ask you to come to the site to complete the screening process. Your participation in research studies is completely voluntary and you are free to leave at any time.

Get Compensated for Your Time

When you participate in a Revival Research clinical trial, your participation is of no cost to you or your private insurance. All our volunteers are compensated for their time and travel, if they qualify.

Gain Access To Study-Related Care

Volunteers who qualify for our research studies receive study-related care from experienced healthcare professionals that make up our research staff, including doctors and nurses. Participants who qualify for the research study in any of the clinical trial phases, gain access to tests, study-doctor visits, study treatments and study-related care, free of cost.

Our Process Is Easy

We are always looking for new participants to volunteer in our research studies, and our process is easy.

  1. Browse through some of the studies we are currently recruiting for, they could be in any clinical trial phases. If you or your loved ones are interested in participating or if you think you are eligible, please fill the form. It will help us determine if you might qualify.
  2. If you qualify the pre-screening round, someone from our research staff will give you a call to ask you a few questions about your medical history. And, if you further qualify, you may be invited to visit our site.

Currently Recruiting

We are currently recruiting for studies in these therapeutic areas:
Become a part of a life-changing experience for yourself and others. Contact us today for more information.

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