Hoor Abdul Ghani

Hoor Abdul Ghani


Clinical Research | Marketing Strategist


Biomedical Engineering (NED), MBA (IoBM)


  • Proficient in various facets of bioinformatics research, demonstrating a high level of competency in data analysis and interpretation.
  • Engaged in community outreach programs to raise awareness about clinical engineering, showcasing a steadfast commitment to positively influencing public health.
  • Adopts a research-driven approach in marketing, aligning strategies to resonate closely with the specific needs and interests of the target audience.
  • Utilized her writing as a channel to both express herself and bring healing to many individuals through her social media platform.


  1. National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA): Good Clinical Practice (GCP) 2023
  2. ARCP- Association of Clinical Research Professionals: Ethics and Human Subject Protection Training (HSP Training) 2023
  3. ARCP- Association of Clinical Research Professionals: Introduction to Clinical Trials 2023
  4. ARCP- Association of Clinical Research Professionals: Investigator’s Responsibilities 2023
  5. Stanford University School of Medicine: Thinking Critically: Interpreting randomized clinical trials 2023
  6. Mayo Clinic: IATA Training (Dangerous Goods Training) 2023
  7. Mayo Clinic: IATA Training (Dangerous Goods Training) 2023
  8. Coursera: Enhancing the Recruitment of Minorities in Clinical Trials 2023
  9. The Global Health Network: Introduction to Good Clinical Laboratory Practice
  10. International Biomedical Conference: Selection of Genes for the Prediction of Breast Cancer
  11. Coursera: Foundation of Digital Marketing & E-commerce
  12. School of Leadership: Young Leaders Conference
  13. School of Leadership: Public Speaking – Impact


Hoor began her professional journey as a clinical engineering coordinator for the MDT board at Aga Khan University Hospital, where she showcased effective collaboration skills across diverse teams, bridging the gap between medical and engineering domains. Transitioning to a Research Assistant role, Hoor seamlessly utilized her writing skills with her engineering background. She played a pivotal role in supporting ongoing research focused on the improved functionality of the lower limb, contributing significantly to the field's knowledge advancement. Beyond her biomedical engineering pursuits, Hoor's commitment extends to social change, where she actively contributes to making a positive impact. Her pride as a co-author of the anthology "A Chronicle of Memories" reflects her dedication to capturing and sharing meaningful stories. Managing the Instagram poetry account @hooragwrites, Hoor creates a nurturing space for personal growth and healing through the art of written expression. Her commitment to normalizing conversations around mental health showcases a dedication to breaking down stigmas and fostering a more supportive environment. Hoor's achievements further extend to her research endeavors. Her research paper on the selection of genes for predicting breast cancer gained recognition at the First International Biomedical Conference, underscoring her significant contributions to biomedical engineering. Now, in her role as a healthcare marketer at a renowned clinical research organization, Hoor leverages her writing prowess to effectively communicate medical concepts, showcasing her diverse and impactful professional journey.


"Clinical research stands as a beacon of hope, gently guiding those facing unique challenges. Within the complexities of their journeys, it not only introduces solutions but also ignites a flame of new possibilities, promising a brighter and healthier tomorrow."

-- Hoor Abdul Ghani , Biomedical Engineering (NED), MBA (IoBM)

Eductational Background

Hoor Abdul Ghani graduated with a Bachelor's in Biomedical Engineering from NED University of Engineering & Technology in 2020. Commencing her career, she undertook a Clinical Engineering M.D.T Project at Aga Khan University Hospital, subsequently advancing to a role as a Biomedical Research Assistant at a renowned biomedical company. Later in 2022, she enrolled in the Institute of Business Management, Karachi, pursuing an MBA with a specialization in Marketing. Currently, she serves as a Marketing Strategist in a reputable healthcare research organization, leveraging her expertise to drive impactful marketing initiatives.

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