Sumbal Jesrani

Sumbal Jesrani


Clinical Research




  • Proficient in areas such as research in industry trends and competitor landscapes to inform content strategy.
  • Prioritizes a research-driven approach in marketing, ensuring relevance to the target audience.
  • Develops effective marketing strategies tailored to the clinical research and healthcare industry.
  • Have a thorough understanding of intricate healthcare issues and be able to communicate complicated scientific ideas in an engaging way through marketing tales.
  • Making sure that healthcare marketing prioritizes a patient-centric approach and that the messaging is understood by the intended audience.
  • Insatiably inventive, always looking for new ways to apply cutting-edge tactics and technologies that push the boundaries of healthcare marketing.


  1. National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA): Good clinical practice (GCP) 2024
  2. ARCP- Association of Clinical Research Professionals: Ethics and Human Subject Protection Training (HSP Training) 2024
  3. ARCP- Association of Clinical Research Professionals: Introduction to clinical trials 2024
  4. ARCP- Association of Clinical Research Professionals: Investigator’s Responsibilities 2024
  5. Stanford University School of Medicine: Thinking Critically: Interpreting randomized clinical trials 2024.
  6. Mayo Clinic: IATA Training (Dangerous Goods Training) 2024
  7. Coursera: Design and Interpretation of Clinical Trials 2024
  8. Coursera: Enhancing the Recruitment of Minorities in Clinical Trials 2024
  9. The Global Health Network: Introduction to Good Clinical Laboratory Practice


Sumbal Jesrani’ s professional journey began as a skilled content writer after she completed her BSC and Master’s degree. Earned six years of exceptional experience with well-known companies MBE Canada and Dynamik Studios in marketing and content generating However, her inherent curiosity and passion for innovation led her down an exciting new path. Sumbal Jesrani discovered her talent and fascination for healthcare marketing. She made the brave decision to enter the field of healthcare research because she was intrigued by the possibility of fusing her scientific training with marketing tactics.

At Revival Research Institute, Sumbal Jesrani is employed as a marketing strategist at the moment. She actively participates in the planning and implementation of numerous marketing efforts; thus, her duties go beyond just creating content. The marketing skills of Sumbal Jesrani helps the organization improve patient involvement, raise brand awareness, and obtain potential leads.


"In clinical research, patients are not just participants; they are partners in the pursuit of scientific advancement, bringing their unique experiences and perspectives to drive innovation and improve patient outcomes." - Sumbal Jesrani, BSC and MBA

-- Sumbal Jesrani , SZABIST

Eductational Background

Sumbal Jesrani completed her bachelor’s degree in science from SALU, and further pursued MBA from SZABIST. After post-graduation, she joined MBE Canada Enterprises Inc where she got experience in working with cross-functional team, including marketing, design and product development research on industry trends, later on she joined Dynamik Studios where she got an experience to collaborate with clients to understand their target market audience and business goals.

Blogs written by Sumbal Jesrani

April 24, 2024
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Medically Reviewed By: Alia Hanif Khan