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Clinical Pharmacist

Full Time
Posted 8 months ago


Participates in clinical research and provide clinical pharmacy services and oversight for safe use of medication. This includes prescribing, dispensing, administering, and monitoring of medications. This may include, but is not limited to:

  • Monitors patients for therapeutic and/or toxic response to medication
  • Ensures continuity of care and access with all medications
  • Provides support to improve safety and to reduce risk to patients treated in clinical research programs assigned.
  • Proactively assesses and ensures medication adherence and makes appropriate documentation on the inquiry
  • Collaborates with Infusion Pharmacy staff to provide continuity of care on medication infusion related issues as necessary
  • Develop and participate in pharmacy-related research projects and quality improvement initiatives
  • Maintains familiarity with all departmental programs and works as integral part of the pharmacy team.
  • Maintains responsibility for clinical investigational drug trials.
  • Reviews protocols for clinical investigational drug trials, as required.
  • Liaises with principal investigators and/or trial coordinators/research assistants to establish pharmacy’s role
  • Communicates with, and trains staff anticipated to participate in any aspect of the clinical investigational drug trial.
  • Maintains a pharmacy binder which contains a study summary, protocol, dispensing procedures, completed samples of required paperwork, dispensing checklist, and any other relevant materials for each investigational trial.
  • Maintains and coordinates distribution of an up-to-date investigational drug trials list, as scheduled.
  • Maintains responsibility for the management of the inventory for clinical investigational drug trials; orders, replaces and returns study materials, as required.
  • Assists in ensuring the participation of the pharmacy department in all clinical trials which involve drugs.
  • Provides accurate and efficient dispensing of medication.
  • Monitors pharmacy activities, on a daily basis, to ensure adherence to study protocols and dispensing procedures.
  • Attends and contributes to interdisciplinary team meetings relating to clinical investigational drug trials.
  • Facilitates rapport between the Department of Pharmacy, principal investigators, clinical trial coordinators, research assistants and trial sponsors.
  • Consults with other pharmacy personnel, to obtain information/expertise in support of the investigational drug trials, as required.
  • Effectively communicates with colleagues, and allied health professionals.
  • Liaises with external agencies/organizations, as required.

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