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Patient Coordinator

Full Time
Karachi, Michigan
Posted 8 months ago


Provides service to patient either pre-appointment, during or post appointment with occasional guidance. Responsibilities may include inbound/outbound telephone calls, appointment scheduling, process of insurance updates and patient check in/out. Navigates more complex patients to include scheduling with multiple services or coordination with outside facilities or providers.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Conducts patient check-in and check-out.
  • Coordinates any follow-up appointments or procedures required for patient.
  • Schedules appointments, procedures or surgery through clinical communication or direct request.
  • Provides positive first impressions utilizing customer service skills.
  • Works with patients and/or outside facilities to ensure all administrative tasks, including; referrals, medical records and documentation, orders and consults have been received and ready to view prior to patient visit.
  • The responsibilities listed are a general overview of the position and additional duties may be assigned.

Technical Capabilities:

  • Customer Service (Intermediate): – A continuing focus on the needs and requirements of customers, anticipating their needs, remaining sensitive to customers while performing services for them, responsive to customer needs.
  • Patient Documentation (Novice): – The ability to receive and record patient information.
  • Patient Scheduling (Novice): – The ability to coordinate and schedule patient appointments, surgeries and other office visits with various computer systems in the hospital or clinic.
  • Medical Terminology & Documentation (Novice): – The ability to comprehend medical terminology and documentation in an office, or surgical setting.

Core Accountabilities:

  • Organizational Impact: Performs tasks that are typically routine that may impact team’s performance with occasional guidance.
  • Problem Solving/ Complexity of work: Utilizes some discretion and research to solve routine problems.
  • Breadth of Knowledge: Applies knowledge of standards, established processes and procedure that apply to your own job.
  • Team Interaction: Provides guidance to entry level co-workers.

Core Capabilities:

Supporting Colleagues (S2):

  • Develops Self and Others: Continuously improves own skills by identifying development opportunities.
  • Builds and Maintains Relationships : Seeks to understand colleagues priorities, working styles and develops relationships across areas.
  • Communicates Effectively: Openly shares information with others and communicates in a clear and courteous manner.

Delivering Excellent Services (S2):

  • Serves Others with Compassion: Invests time to understand the problems, needs of others and how to provide excellent service.
  • Solves Complex Problems: Seeks to understand issues, solves routine problems, and raises proper concerns to supervisors in a timely manner.
  • Offers Meaningful Advice and Support: Listens carefully to understand the issues and provides accurate information and support.

Ensuring High Quality (S2):

  • Performs Excellent Work: Checks work quality before delivery and asks relevant questions to meet quality standards.
  • Ensures Continuous Improvement: Shows eagerness to learn new knowledge, technologies, tools or systems and displays willingness to go above and beyond.
  • Fulfills Safety and Regulatory Requirements: Demonstrates basic knowledge of conditions that affect safety and reports unsafe conditions to the appropriate person or department.

Managing Resources Effectively (S2):

  • Demonstrates Accountability: Takes responsibility for completing assigned activities and thinks beyond standard approaches to provide high-quality work/service.
  • Stewards Organizational Resources: Displays understanding of how personal actions will impact departmental resources.
  • Makes Data Driven Decisions: Uses accurate information and good decision making to consistently achieve results on time and without error.

Fostering Innovation (S2):

  • Generates New Ideas: Willingly proposes/accepts ideas or initiatives that will impact day-to-day operations by offering suggestions to enhance them.
  • Applies Technology: Absorbs new technology quickly; understands when to utilize the appropriate tools and procedures to ensure proper course of action.
  • Adapts to Change: Embraces change by keeping an open mind to changing plans and incorporates change instructions into own area of work.

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