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Patient Coordinator

Full Time
Karachi, Pakistan
Posted 2 years ago

SHIFT: Night

The Patient Coordinator is responsible for screening of new leads, follow-up, and documenting participants for assigned active clinical trials in Revival Research Institute. The patient Coordinator plays a critical role in enabling clinical trials by building a database in the CTMS of willing and qualified study volunteers.

· Call new interested participants, interview and phone screen prospective clinical study participants.
· Maintain a database of clinical study participants.
· Develop outreach efforts related to participant recruitment.
· Interact directly with study participants via phone and SMS etc.
· Coordinate with Medical Staff (CRC)s to ensure adequate subject recruitment has been met for each study.
· Maintain and improve study documentation and volunteer records such as consent forms.
.Assist with sales, marketing, and outreach efforts as needed.
· Interact with and provide study-related details and accurate information to the participant.
· Maintain safe, fast-paced, and positive behavior in the work environment.
· Perform other related duties and participate in special projects as assigned.

· Conceptual capability, ability to solve problems and make decisions
· Teamwork
– High commitment to teamwork and work ethics/ Etiquette.
– Knowledge and information sharing: proactively builds working relationships across team, and leverages opportunities, tools and methods used in the sharing of knowledge.
· Planning and organizing
– Sets priorities among competing tasks according to importance and urgency
– Uses a systematic approach to planning and organizing work and activities.
– Plans with an appropriate and realistic sense of time.
· Problem-solving and decision making
– Identifies the most evident and important information and issues within the given context.
– Uses judgment critically, takes a logical approach to problems and thinks with reason.
– Follows a logical and organized approach to gathering data and analyzing situations.
· Customer focus.
– Strong customer focus with an effective and efficient approach.
· Communication skills
– Strong communication skills (listening, questioning, and giving feedback)
· Active learning
– Demonstrates a ‘continuous improvement attitude’, ability to learn quickly, and interest in the development
– Keeps updated on general trends of trails and studies that could improve and update the standards of processes, procedures, and services

Bachelor’s Degree in any Major, BDS, BS Nursing
Computer Literate (Good Knowledge of MS Office)
Literacy in English Language
2 years’ experience in relevant field
MBBS, Pharm-D, DPD
Microsoft Certification on various Ms Office Products
Fluency in written and spoken English + Multilingual capability is an added advantage
2+ years’ experience in the healthcare industry
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