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Mark Your Calendars for WCG MAGI Clinical Research Conference 2024: 14-17 April, 2024 – Don’t Miss Out!

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Hilton New Orleans Riverside on 14-17 April, 2024 — Revival Research Institute, LLC is delighted to announce its upcoming representation at the WCG MAGI Clinical Research Conference 2024 in New Orleans. Our President, Mazhar Jaffry, and Corporate Operations and Business Development Manager, Nicole Stiff, will be attending the conference and will represent Revival Research Institute. They will engage in insightful discussions, exchange valuable insights, and forge meaningful connections with professionals from diverse backgrounds in the Clinical Research industry.

About WCG MAGI Clinical Research Conference

The WCG MAGI Clinical Research Conference 2024 is a 4-day event, bringing together over 700 Clinical Research professionals worldwide. These professionals are devoted to upholding the standards of quality, compliance, and efficiency in Clinical Research, essential for driving advancements and transformations in therapy delivery and positively affecting patients’ lives.

Last year at WCG MAGI Clinical Research Conference – 2023 East, our talented Corporate Operations & Business Development Manager, Nicole Stiff, represented us and shared how Revival exceeded expectations through extraordinary innovation in clinical research.

Nicole is an innate leader and effective communicator driven by outcomes and good relationships. She is well-known for her ability to collaborate with coworkers, clients, and partners to achieve mutual objectives.

But this year WCG MAGI Clinical Research Conference 2024, it is going to be more exciting as our CEO and President, Mazhar Jaffry, who has over 32 years of expertise in the healthcare industry and is an outspoken supporter of patient-centered care, will be attending!

His trailblazing initiatives, novel therapeutic approaches, collaborative efforts, ethical practices, and mentorship will collectively expand medical knowledge and enhance patient care, making them beneficial for the WCG MAGI Clinical Research Conference — 2024.

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Revival Research Institute, LLC will eagerly anticipate its distinguished participation at the esteemed WCG MAGI Clinical Research Conference – 2024.

Here are some scheduled highlights:

Monday, 15th April 2024, 11:30 AM-1:00 PM

Nicole Stiff, a well-versed professional in the healthcare industry, will delve into the adoption of eSource systems by clinical research sites and will also explore what is working well, barriers faced, and challenges influencing cautious approaches.

Nicole’s session aims to equip attendees with insights to make informed decisions on eSource adoption, covering topics like risk-benefit assessment, SOP development, transition planning, supplier assessment, and budget considerations. Gain practical strategies for successful integration and optimization of eSource systems.

Monday, 15th April 2024, 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM

Mazhar Jaffry will engage with other industry experts on a panel session, “In It for the Long Haul: Innovative Approaches to Partnerships and Community Engagement for Diversity in Clinical Trials” at the WCG MAGI Clinical Research Conference – 2024.

Mazhar Jaffry will delve into the crucial aspect of fostering diversity in Clinical Trials through innovative partnerships and community engagement strategies. Recognizing the importance of representation across diverse demographics, Mazhar will discuss how forging strong partnerships with community organizations and stakeholders can enhance trial recruitment and retention efforts.

Through Mazhar Jaffry’s insights and expertise, attendees can expect to gain valuable perspectives on driving meaningful change in clinical research by prioritizing diversity and inclusivity in trial practices.

For more information, please visit: MAGI 2024 (

Don’t miss out on this engaging session featuring Mazhar Jaffry and Nicole Stiff. Join us on April 15th to gain valuable insights and explore the latest trends for propelling advancements and transformations in clinical research, positively impacting the lives of patients.

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