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Revival Research and DAX Unite for SOS Podcast: Innovating Solutions to Empower Clinical Research Sites

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Updated on January 19, 2024

Michigan on 18th January 2024 – In an insightful podcast series with “Save Our Sites,” Revival Research Institute and Digital Auxillius came together to share insights into their strategic partnership. The podcast featured Nicole Stiff, Corporate Operations and Business Development Manager at Revival, and Faaiz Hussain, CEO of DAX, shedding light on how Digital Auxillius has developed a symbiotic relationship with Revival, playing its role in revitalizing clinical research sites, leveraging technology.

During the engaging discussion:

  • Nicole Stiff discusses the critical role played by Digital Auxillius in providing comprehensive support to Revival Research Institute.
  • Faaiz Hussain, as the CEO of Digital Auxillius, shares the agency’s holistic approach in building the brand of Revival including the redesign of their website, strategic development of social media platforms, and targeted advertising campaigns.
  • Digital Auxillius’s expertise in 360-degree marketing and branding has been highlighted as they have played a pivotal role in the complete revamp of Revival’s brand, contributing to it expanding into other states and acquiring more sites.

The podcast provides a unique glimpse into how Digital Auxillius works closely with Revival, offering strategic insights and actionable ideas to enhance sites. Listeners gain exclusive access to the behind-the-scenes strategies employed by Digital Auxillius to assist Revival in saving and revitalizing its clinical research sites.

“Digital Auxillius has been a game-changer for us. Their strategies have not only transformed our online presence, garnering millions of impressions, but have also attracted studies and physicians actively seeking to engage with our platform.”Nicole Stiff

About Revival Research Institute, LLC

Revival Research Institute is a leading clinical research organization based in Michigan, USA. Our core focus is advancing therapeutic innovations through the facilitation of diverse clinical trials addressing various medical conditions. Our primary goal is to execute successful clinical trials on behalf of pharmaceutical companies and research organizations. The institute focuses on excellence in research and aims to contribute significantly to medical advancements.

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About Digital Auxilius

Digital Auxilius is a forward-thinking software agency specializing in providing comprehensive digital assistance, including 360-degree marketing, branding, and software development solutions. Revival Research Institute is a valued client of digital auxilius. They have helped enhance its digital presence and brand impact. As a result of which there has been a remarkable 600% increase in brand awareness, heightened daily website traffic, improved patient lead generation, and more streamlined employee recruitment processes.

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